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As Oregon’s premier public health nutrition program, WIC reaches more than half of Oregon’s pregnant women in rural areas and serves well over 155,000 women, infants and children each year. Our program helps families get the essential nutrients needed during critical times of growth and development. WIC wants to work side-by-side with healthcare providers across the state to make certain that Oregon’s more vulnerable families get their healthiest start to ensure lifelong health.


Please contact Jolene McGee, WIC Outreach Coordinator, at 971-673-0050 or for more information or to request WIC outreach materials. For the location of your local WIC clinic, please see our WIC clinics and stores page.



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Food insecurity


This is a free online course developed in partnership with the Childhood Hunger Initiative of Oregon and covering various topics associated with child health and wellness. Divided into five modules, the course focuses on the prevalence and predictors of food insecurity. The course covers food access and choices, the relationship between food insecurity and health and development, along with intervention strategies in circumstances of childhood hunger. Healthcare professionals seeking continuing medical education can earn valuable CME credit by taking an optional exam following the five online modules.



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