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NOTE: Publications ordering is currently disabled while we take an inventory of materials in order to before implementing our new ordering system in mid-October. Stay tuned for details!


All forms are in PDF format unless noted. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view PDF files.

  • Are you looking for What Proof to Bring to WIC, Participant Rights and Responsibilities or the Participant Signature Form? These are now located on the WIC Clinic Forms page.


WIC Food List

  • Form 57-1001: See WIC Food List page. Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Somali


Meal and Recipe Tips

  • Healthy in a Hurry: Preparing quick, healthy meals for the family 
    English   Spanish
  • Endless Summer: Tips on enjoying fruits and vegetables all year round by mixing the best of fresh and frozen
    English   Spanish 
  • Keeping it Fresh: Tips on selecting and storing fruits and vegetables to cut down on food waste 
    English   Spanish  
  • One step at a time: Ideas on taking the first steps toward healthier eating
    English   Spanish 
  • Tropical fiesta: Ideas for creating a mini-vacation at home with a tropical-inspired meal, and a list of books on healthy eating 
    English   Spanish 
  • No more food fights!: Putting an end to meal-time battles with picky eaters 
    English   Spanish
  • Small changes, big rewards: Making positive changes
    English   Spanish
  • Offering fruits and veggies to young children: Tips to try when offering fresh, frozen or canned fruits and veggies at meal and snack times
    English   Spanish

Nutrition Information for Women

Nutrition Information for Children



    Infant Cues

    Physical Activity

    For more physical activity materials, please see our Physical Activity page

    Oral Health


    Farm Direct Nutrition Program

    Find out more at the Farm Direct Nutrition Program web site (external link)

    WIC Self Paced Lessons

    Lessons have now been moved to their own page, Self paced lessons 


    WIC Outreach Materials

    To order Oregon WIC outreach materials for a non-WIC agency, please use this form.



    ANSWR System