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WIC Policy Updates

The files below can be printed and used to update hard copies of the WIC Policy and Procedure Manual.  The first page(s) of each update explains the changes to the affected policies.

WIC Policy Update 2015-06, October 6, 2015 (79 pages, 1.43 MB)


Past Policy Updates:


    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents


    Sec 100: Introduction

    100 Organization:  How to Use the WIC Manual
    140 Organization:  Purpose and Chart

    Sec 200: State Operations

    200 State Operations Overview
    210 Selection of Local Programs
    215 Local Program Monitoring and Review
    225 State Outreach
    230 Civil Rights


    Sec 300: Fiscal Services

    300 Fiscal Overview
    305 Funding Formula
    310 Annual Plan/Contract Payment Process for Local Programs
    315 Fiscal Reporting Requirements
    316 Quarterly Breakout of Staff Time
    320 Fiscal Review of Local Programs
    325 Caseload Management
    330 Penalty for Underspending Food Budget


    Sec 400: Local Operations

    400 Local Program Overview:  Responsibilities and Communications
    410 Administrative Appeals for Local Programs
    420 Approval Process for Local Program Policies and Procedures
    425 Ordering State Produced Materials
    426 Record Retention Period
    435 Staffing Recommendations
    440 Staff Training Requirements
    450 Confidentiality
    451 Change in Guardianship
    452 Civil Rights
    458 Appeals Process for Participants
    460 Program Incentive Items
    470 Local Program Outreach
    475 Waiting List
    480 Voter Registration - National Voter Registration Act
    481 Immunization Screening and Referral Protocol
    485 WIC ID Number and ID Card


    Sec 500: Local Operations

    500 Ordering and Securing FI Stock and MICR Toner
    505 Food Instrument Issuance and Printing
    506 Exceptions for Mailing Food Instruments
    510e eWIC Cardholder Requirements*
    511e Food Benefit Issuance*
    530 Food Instrument Register and FI Stub
    540 Proxy System
    560 Program Integrity: Replacing Food Instruments
    561e Program Integrity: Replacement of Food Benefits*
    587 Program Integrity: Dual Participation
    588 Program Integrity: Complaints
    590 Program Integrity: Participant Violations
    595 Program Integrity: Separation of Duties
    595e Program Integrity: Separation of Duties*
    596 Program Integrity: Acknowledgment of Employee Responsibilities


    Sec 600: Certification

    600 Certification Introduction and Overview
    601 Physical Presence at Certification
    605 Processing Standards
    610 Required Proofs -- Identity, Residency, Income
    611 Income Eligibility: Determining Income Eligibility
    612 Income Eligibility: Adjunct or Automatic Income Eligibility
    613 Income Eligibility: What Counts as Income?
    614 Income Eligibility: Current Income Guidelines
    615 Income Eligibility: Change in Income
    616 Unavailable Proofs
    620 Certification and Issuing Vouchers to Relatives, Friends and Co-workers
    621 Providing WIC Services During Home Visits
    621e Providing WIC Services During Home Visits*
    625 Risk Assessment
    626 Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Screening in WIC
    627 Procedures for Ordering HemoCue Supplies
    628 Anthropometric Screening
    635 Participant Notification:  Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities
    635e Participant Notification:  Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities*
    636 Participant Notification:  Ineligibility and Termination from WIC
    640 Documentation Requirements for Certification in TWIST
    641 Documentation Requirements for Certification in the Absence of TWIST
    645 Certification Periods
    646 Mid-Certification Health Assessment
    652 WIC Transfer Card and WIC Overseas Program
    653 Participant Transfers Into and Out of State
    654 Participant Transfers Within State
    655 Homeless Applicants
    657 Migrant Workers:  Definition
    660 Competent Professional Authority:  Requirements
    661 Competent Professional Authority:  Appropriate Counseling for Risk Levels
    670 Overview of Risk Criteria and Priorities
    675 Risk Criteria:  Codes and Descriptions


    Sec 700: Nutrition Services

    710 Breastfeeding: Definition, Promotion and Support Standards
    711 Breastfeeding: Benefits and Contraindications
    712 Breastfeeding: Breast Pump Ordering, Distribution and Tracking Guidelines
    713 Breastfeeding: Use of Supplemental Formula
    716 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling:  State and Local Program Responsibilities
    717 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling:  Personnel Guidelines
    718 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling:  Job Parameters, Protocol and Scope of Practice
    719 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling:  Training
    720 General Information on Formula Use
    730 Bid Formula: Use and Description
    735 Handling Returned Formula
    760 Medical Formulas
    765 Medical Documentation
    769 Assigning WIC Food Packages
    770 Allowable Foods


    Sec 800: Nutrition Education

    800 Nutrition Education:  Introduction and Overview
    810 Nutrition Education:  Making Education Available
    820 Nutrition Education:  Participant Contacts
    821 Nutrition Education:  Telephone Contacts for High Risk Clients with the RD
    822 Nutrition Education:  High Risk Counseling Using Interactive Video Technology
    823 Nutrition Education:  Second Nutrition Education Using Online Classes
    823e Nutrition Education:  Second Nutrition Education Using Online Classes*
    824 Nutrition Education:  Second Nutrition Education Using Self-Paced Lessons
    830 Nutrition Education:  Documentation
    835 Nutrition Education:  Attendance or Refusal
    840 Nutrition Education Materials:  Evaluation Criteria
    850 Nutrition Education Plan
    860 Nutrition Education:  Monitoring
    880 Referrals:  Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use
    885 Other Referrals: Required and Recommended


    Sec 900: Data Systems

    901 Data System Security
    902 State Provided Laptops and Air Cards

    Sec 1000: Vendor

    1000 Overview of Vendor Management


    Sec 1100: Farm Direct

    1100 Farm Direct Nutrition Program: Local Program Responsibilities