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National Electronic Data Surveillance System - NEDSS

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Since 2008, our NEDSS program developed the Oregon Public Health Epidemiologist User System (Orpheus), which is an epidemiologic effort in integrating reportable communicable disease surveillance systems for local and state use. Orpheus is a secure, integrated disease surveillance system that includes electronic laboratory reporting (ELR), and surveillance of HIV/STD/TB and communicable diseases.

NEDSS is part of Acute & Communicable Disease Prevention in the Center for Public Health Practice.

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Historically, public health surveillance systems - the foundations of our public-health decision making - have evolved in response to particular programmatic needs that were filled by the development of multiple ad hoc, stand-alone data systems, often each with its own software, variable formats and methods of transmission.

Recent challenges to the public health system posed by multi-jurisdictional outbreaks, and a need for timely reporting for the detection of bioterrorist events, make problems with the current system especially glaring. For these reasons, the Oregon Public Health Division has long been an advocate for the development of a more integrated, flexible system.

Our activities are directed and funded by grants from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which requires regular progress reports for continued funding.

To better manage and enhance public health surveillance through electronic data exchange.

To optimize data for public health policy, the NEDSS program is committed to improving data quality and disease surveillance via better relationships with our local, state and national public health partners.

When completed, NEDSS will electronically integrate and link together a wide variety of surveillance activities and will facilitate more secure, accurate and timely reporting of disease information to CDC and state and local health departments.

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National Electronic Data Surveillance System - NEDSS
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