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Physical Activity and Nutrition Program


Luci Longoria, MPH
Health Promotion Manager

Heather Gramp, MPH
Policy Specialist

About Us

A Healthy Active Oregon

The Oregon Physical Activity & Nutrition Program, the Oregon Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (OCPPA) and the Nutrition Council of Oregon were formed to promote daily physical activity and healthy eating through implementation of Oregon's state plans.

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Program is part of the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section in the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion.

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State Plans

The statewide Physical Activity and Public Health Nutrition Plans have at their core a focus on developing communities where the healthy choices are the easy choices:

  • Where adults and children have easy access to fresh vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods at school, work and restaurant locations.
  • Where Oregonians can safely walk and bicycle for work, errands and recreation.


The ultimate goal is for all Oregonians is to enjoy improved health and reduced risk of chronic diseases through daily physical activity and healthy eating in communities that support those choices.

The state plans are calls to action for all who can have an impact on promoting healthy eating and daily physical activity in order to improve the health of Oregonians. Achieving these changes will require involvement of individuals from many arenas - policymakers, transportation and land use planning, health care, public health, parks and recreation, business sector, voluntary health organizations, schools and universities, employers, insurers, and citizen groups.

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Physical Activity and Nutrition Program
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