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HIV, STD and TB Section


HST Section Manager
Annick Benson-Scott 


HIV Community Services
Jonathan Livingston
HIV Care and Treatment Manager


HIV Prevention
Ruth Helsley, RN, BSN
HIV Prevention Manager


STD Prevention
Ruth Helsley, RN, BSN
STD Program Manager


TB Control
Heidi Behm
TB Controller/Program Lead


Data & Analysis
Sean Schafer, M.D.
Medical Epidemiologist


HIV Care and Treatment Program

The HIV Care and Treatment Program provides high quality, cost effective services that promote access to and ongoing success in HIV treatment for people with HIV/AIDS in Oregon. Through successful case management and access to important supportive services and assistance through Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (CAREAssist), people living with HIV/AIDS are empowered to effectively manage their HIV disease and improve their overall health and quality of life.

HIV Prevention Program

The HIV Prevention Program seeks to prevent new infections by supporting public health, targeted HIV testing, comprehensive prevention services for people living with HIV, condom distribution, policy change and perinatal prevention efforts.

HIV Data and Analysis Program

The HIV Data and Analysis Program monitors data regarding HIV diagnoses and health outcomes. Data reports are used to identify needs and target services by population and geographic area.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Program

The Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) program works to prevent and control sexually transmitted infections by supporting screening, treatment and referral of exposed sex partners for evaluation and treatment.

Tuberculosis Program

The Tuberculosis (TB) Program works to control the spread of TB disease by identifying, evaluating and treating newly infected contacts to infectious TB cases, and testing high-risk populations for TB infection.

About Us

The HIV/STD/TB Section analyzes and reports epidemiologic data on HIV, STD and TB infections, and develops, implements and evaluates evidence-driven programs.

Our objectives are to educate Oregonians about the impact of HIV, STD and TB infections; to assist in the development of local and national public policy related to the prevention and care of these infections; and to coordinate with and inform other agencies of the services available to persons affected by these diseases.

The HIV, STD & TB Section is part of the Center for Public Health Practice.

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HIV, STD and TB Section
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