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Steven Wagner, MPH, JD
Center Administrator

Edward Conrad-Wiggins
Executive Assistant

Jeff Carlson
Program Support Manager

Note: See Programs list below for program staff directories.


Drinking Water Services

Oregon Drinking Water Services administers and enforces drinking water quality standards for public water systems in the state of Oregon, focuses resources in the areas of highest public health benefit, and promotes voluntary compliance with state and federal drinking water standards.

Environmental Public Health Section
Food, Pool and Lodging Health and Safety Section

The Food, Pool and Lodging Health and Safety Section is home to Oregon's food-borne illness protection program. It provides leadership for local health departments to ensure safety in Oregon's 23,000 full-service and temporary restaurants, 3,400 public pools and 2,300 tourist accommodations.

Radiation Protection Services

Radiation Protection Services protects workers and the public from unnecessary and unhealthy radiation exposure. The program is Oregon's sole public resource for accidental or intentional radiation-related incidents.

Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement

Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement ensures that Oregonians have wide access to the safe, high-quality health care they need through state licensure and federal Medicare certification of health facilities, providers and suppliers.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program administers the registration program of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, which provides legal protection from state civil and criminal prosecution for qualified patients who comply with program requirements to grow and use marijuana as an alternative medicine.

About Us

The Center for Health Protection's primary theme is programs that work with health care facilities and licensing, and environmental health and regulation. Bringing these programs together leverages public health's licensing and regulatory tools and provides a consistent, strong approach to protecting health. Programs in this Center touch every hospital, drinking water system, and restaurant in Oregon.

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