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Obesity Prevention Task Force
Download the policy recommendations (pdf)

The SB 931 Obesity Prevention Task Force was a 13-member group created by the 2007 Legislature to study obesity prevention and treatment and to develop ways to decrease the burden of obesity in Oregon. 

The task force was charged with drafting a proposal to the legislature by October of 2007. 

Chair: Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Members: Senator Margaret Carter, Senator Jeff Kruse, Representative Tina Kotek, Representative Scott Bruun, Mary Lou Hennrich, Adriana Voss-Andreae, Jonathan Purnell, Stephanie Bernell, Melinda Manore, Katherine Bradley, Mel Kohn, Myrna-Yvonne Williams, Carlos Crespo. 

Outcomes from the Obesity Prevention Task Force
  • The Task Force developed two funding recommendations and 15 policy recommendations to create supportive environments for physical activity and good nutrition - the cornerstones of obesity prevention.
  • The most essential action recommended by the Task Force is to begin with an investment of $10 million per year in a comprehensive, evidence-based obesity prevention and education program to reach all Oregonians where we live, work, play and learn.
  • View the full report: SB 931: Task Force for a Comprehensive Obesity Prevention Initiative (pdf) to read more about the recommendations of the Obesity Prevention Task Force.

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