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Weight of the Nation Toolkit
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The Weight of the Nation is designed to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the obesity epidemic in the United States. It also exposes the audience to the multitude of contributing factors including genetics and biology, the environments we live and work in, and the business of food and farming in America. It is intended to be a call to action for examining and discussing the impact obesity has on individuals, families, communities and the nation and solutions to solve the epidemic.

A Toolkit for Organizing a Weight of the Nation Screening

The Oregon Public Health Division developed this toolkit for local public health departments and community partners as a guide for hosting screenings of The Weight of the Nation documentary series. The intent is that organizations and their partners across the state can utilize the kit to start conversations and mobilize action within their community to slow, arrest and eventually reverse the prevalence of obesity and help Oregonians achieve a healthy weight.

The toolkit focuses on selected segments from The Weight of the Nation documentary series. It includes an Introduction and three screening guides; each guide provides key data facts and resources, core messages, definitions and policy, systems and environmental resources, and discussion questions.

Download Your Toolkit

Get the Introduction

link to pdf Introduction to The Weight of the Nation

Introduction to The Weight of the Nation (pdf)
  • Includes a checklist to help you plan a successful screening.
  • Provides list of key references, data sources and online training opportunities.

Get the Screening Guides and Links to the HBO Clips

link to pdf

Is Weight Something We Inherit?
Stigma: The Human Cost of Obesity (pdf)

link to pdf

Creating Healthy Food and Physical Activity Environments (pdf)

link to pdf

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: The Risks of Excess Weight (pdf)

HBO clips:

link to video clipIs Weight Something We Inherit?

  • Addresses the interplay between genetics, biology and our current environment.

link to video clipStigma: The Human Cost of Obesity

  • Exposes the prejudice, stereo-typing and weight bias experienced by obese individuals.

HBO clip:

link to video clipPoverty and Obesity

  • Addresses the interrelationships between obesity, income and health disparities.


HBO clip:

    link to video clipHealthy Mom, Healthy Baby

  • Addresses the concept that a life course perspective on combating obesity may be the best way to end the epidemic for the next generation


PRINTING TIP: To save paper , set page-size to "booklet" and fold pages in half. 


NOTE: You may also purchase the complete HBO Screening Kit which contains the DVD set and discussion guide.​​

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