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Good health is more than just treating illnesses. Many of the leading causes of death and disability in Oregon can be prevented or treated successfully if caught early enough.

The Oregon Public Health Division provides programs, statistics, policy development and other services to build healthy communities and educate Oregonians about preventing chronic diseases, the importance of health screenings, and self-managing illnesses. These are critical to meeting Oregon Public Health’s goal of promoting prevention and wellness throughout our communities.  

You can achieve good health through many preventive measures, such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and taking steps to prevent disease by quitting smoking, getting vaccinated and maintaining good oral health.

The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. offers a flu vaccine finder, tips for staying healthy, and information for healthcare providers.
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Creating healthy communities in Oregon through policy and partnerships.
Marijuana and your health
The Oregon Health Authority's Public Health Division is working to educate the public about marijuana use and minimize public health risks from marijuana.
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Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health
kids on playground
Strategies to support healthy weight in your community.
Boy holding toothbrush
A healthy mouth is an important part of overall health. Good oral health starts with your child's baby teeth. If baby teeth are kept cavity-free, adult teeth are more likely to be cavity-free.
Daily physical activity is not only fun, but one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health.
Girl wearing bike helmet
Promoting programs that help Oregonians prevent disease, violence, injury, suicide and antibiotic resistance.
active adults
Oregon offers a variety of self-management programs to promote taking control of your life and living healthier.
​Reducing harms associated with substance use is a priority for the Oregon Health Authority and partners across Oregon.
Girl getting immunized
Information about vaccinations and links to data and resources for health care providers