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Oregon Child Fatality Review

Oregon's Child Fatality Review process focuses on the subset of child deaths that are "unexpected." This includes deaths to children from birth through age 17, from unintentional injuries, intentional injuries (homicide and suicide), SIDS/SUIDS and unexpected deaths due to natural causes. All local Child Fatality Review (or Child Death Review) teams review cases of deaths occurring to county residents, regardless of county of death (ex: a child may be transported to a hospital out of the county).

In 2013, Oregon joined the National Child Death Review Reporting System. Beginning with deaths that occur on/after January 1, 2014, local (county) teams will use the web-based, standardized CDR Case Reporting System to report and collect case data. All local CDR teams will need login information.

  • For more information on logins and training opportunities, contact Xun Shen (email:, phone: 971-673-1098), site administrator for the Injury and Violence Prevention Program.
  • For copies of the case report form with additional Oregon specific questions, contact Xun Shen, or download the general case report form (pdf)  from
  • View child fatality review protocols.

Safe Sleep for Babies

  • Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission's Law Enforcement Training on Safe Sleep (Youtube)

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