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The Oregon VFC program currently has a waitlist for new enrollment. If your clinic wishes to enroll in VFC you must contact the VFC Helpdesk at 971-673-4VFC (4832) or to be added to the waitlist. We will begin contacting waitlisted clinics in early 2017. Please complete the enrollment checklist below to ensure that the process moves quickly when we begin enrolling clinics again. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes your clinic and your patients.

Follow these steps:

  1. Print off this checklist to keep track of your progress through the enrollment process.
  2. Sign up for ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS), if not already enrolled. The ALERT IIS is a statewide immunization registry. ALERT IIS collects immunization data from both public and private health care providers, including pharmacies and hospitals.
    1. Have all staff who will be documenting immunizations, looking up immunization records, or managing vaccine inventory take the Basic User Training.
    2. Have a least one staff take the Super User training. This should be anyone that would have a major role in the VFC program such as the VFC Coordinator, office manager, nursing supervisor, etc.
    3. Have the person who will be ordering vaccine and tracking inventory in ALERT IIS take the Inventory Training
    4. Determine how you will get data into ALERT IIS.
  3. Assign a VFC coordinator, responsible provider, and back-up VFC coordinator
    1. Responsible Provider: The person responsible for the clinic’s overall compliance with VFC Program requirements. This is usually the clinic’s physician-in chief or the clinic’s medical director (A licensed Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or a Naturopathic Doctor).
    2. Vaccine Coordinator: A designated, on-site, and fully trained staff responsible for all vaccine management activities within the practice.
    3. Back-up Vaccine Coordinator: A designated, on-site, and fully trained staff responsible for all vaccine management activities within the practice. This person acts as support to the Vaccine Coordinator and manages VFC when the primary coordinator is unavailable.
  4. Fill out enrollment paperwork. All delegate agencies fill out the Public Provider Enrollment Form. Contact the VFC Helpdesk at 971-673-4VFC (4832) or if you are not sure which form to fill out
  5. Private Provider Enrollment Form
  6. Public Provider Enrollment Form
  7. Review the Refrigerator and Freezer Guide and Thermometer Guide to determine that your clinic’s equipment is in full compliance with VFC requirements.
  8. Send in one week's worth of twice daily and continuous tracking temps.
  9. Sample temperature logs
  10. How to e-mail continuous tracking temperature logs.
  11. Have at least the VFC Coordinator and Back-up Coordinator take vaccine management trainings and send in certificates.
  12. Review Vaccine Management Guide and fill out emergency plan