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EMS Years of Service
EMS Years of Service

Oregon's EMS program provides certificates of recognition for Years of Service at 10,15,20,25, 30 and 35 years. These awards are typically not presented at the Annual Oregon EMS Conference, but received by mail.


35 Years

​Sander "Sandy" Logan - American Medical Response
Pennie Miller - American Medical Response

​​30 Years

25 Years

Rick Sager - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire District
Louie Heidenrich - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire District
Amy Kreger - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Diane Browning - 
Blue Mountain Hospit​al Ambulance
Carl Lauritsen - Morrow County Health District
Jeanne Plummer - Unaffiliated
Llewellyn Lloyd - Metro West Ambulance
Linda Pettyjohn - Blue Mountain Hopsital Ambulance
Myla Corley - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Dave Dorschner - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Steve Myren - Morrow County Health District
Charlie Sumner - Morrow County Health District
Delia Robinson - Morrow County Health District
Russell Estes - Morrow County Health District

20 Years

Greg Sorenson - Metro West Ambulance

Diana Grant - Morrow County Health District

William Ellis - Morrow County Health District

Gregory Close - Morrow County Health District

Harvey Childers - Morrow County Health District

15 Years

Ray Hall - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire Department
Dean Ward - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire Department
Sheri Snyder - Metro West Ambulance
Jason Roger - Metro West Ambulance
Heather Riggs - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Debbie Cole - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Carrie Jewell - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Rose Howe - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
Vickie Kewt - Morrow County Health District
Richard Kent - Morrow County Health District
Sandra Patton - Morrow County Health District
Peggy Kauritsen - Morrow County Health District
Shannon Boor - Morrow County Health District

10 Years

S​arah Gilmore - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire District
David Fesler - Milton-Freewater Rural Fire District
Susan Norman - Metro West Ambulance
Donald Thomas - Metro West Ambulance
John Scott Hardman - Metro West Ambulance​
Geoffrey Mathia - Metro West Ambulance
Christopher Pfingsten - Metro West Ambulance
Mary Vargas - Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance​


30 Years

25 Years

Randy Johnson - Metro West Ambulance
Jim Payne- Sherman County Ambulance
Shawn Payne - Sherman County Ambulance     
Robert Berdan - Metro West Ambulance

20 Years

Twyla Johnson - Metro West Ambulance                      

Janice Lee - Metro West Ambulance

Lloyd Liewellyn - Metro West Ambulance

Lee Miller - Metro West Ambulance

15 Years

Sheila Jackson - Metro West Ambulance

Jerrilea Mayfield - Sherman County Ambulance

Sarah Nielson - Metro West Ambulance

Leta Ann Reckman - Sherman County Ambulance

Henry Sorensen III - Metro West Ambulance