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Oregon EMS for Children
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Oregon Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) was established in 1984 and is a State Partnership Grantee of the Health Resources and Services Administration EMSC program. The Oregon Health Authority EMS and Trauma Systems program is the lead agency for EMSC in Oregon.
Across the nation the EMS for Children initiative is designed to strengthen the EMS systems through education, training and equipment, in an effort to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity resulting from severe illness or trauma.
Goals include ensuring that:
  • Excellent emergency medical care is available for all ill or injured children and adolescents;
  • Pediatric services are well integrated into an emergency medical services system; and
  • The entire spectrum of emergency services, including primary prevention of illness and injury, acute care, and rehabilitation, are provided to children and adolescents.
Activities include: 
  • Pediatric high-fidelity simulation training for rural pre-hospital and hospital providers
  • Pediatric equipment distribution
  • Surveying EMS agencies and hospitals to assess pediatric readiness
  • Pediatric-focused continuing education for providers
  • Working with EMS agencies and hospitals to become "Everyday Ready" to treat kids
  • Collaborating with partners to support injury prevention, EMS research, disaster preparedness, family-centered care, and EMS for children with special healthcare needs
  • Promoting an enduring and active Oregon EMS for Children Advisory Committee  


Performance Measures

In 2005, the federal EMSC program implemented baseline performance measures to address gaps in pediatric emergency care as identified in the Institute of Medicine’s Emergency Care for Children Growing Pains Report (2007).  

The Oregon EMSC program is part of the National Emergency Medical Services for Children Program. All state grantees are required to document activities and accomplishments by annually reporting on the nine Health Resources and Services Administration EMSC Program Performance Measures.


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