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Trauma Statutes & Rules

The latest version of ORS 431.607, the law (statute) that pertains to the Oregon trauma system. You can view the official State of Oregon Revised Statute website and scroll down to ORS 431.607 which pertains to Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems. 


Statutes regarding patient confidentiality:

  • ORS 41 - see ORS 41.675 - 41.685 regarding confidentiality of patient records in general
  • ORS 431 - see ORS 431.627(4)(a) regarding confidentiality under the Oregon Trauma System


Trauma Rules

The following trauma rules and applicable exhibits will go into effect on January 1, 2013, however, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) understands that it is necessary to allow time for pre-hospital and hospital systems to develop appropriate policies and procedures, and communicate changes with staff. As such, OHA will require that standards be met beginning in July 2013 as trauma hospital surveys are conducted. This will allow six months for pre-hospital and hospital systems to come into compliance.


Exhibits 1 through 5 references in OA 333-200 and OAR 333-205: