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Our team of experts provides a full range of professional services to design, evaluate, and refine public health programs, including:

Program Design

We design public health interventions and demonstration projects by identifying and applying best practices. Our research and evaluation projects generate knowledge about promising new approaches.

Examples of our program design work include:
  • The Multnomah County School Attendance Initiative in collaboration with the County Department of Community Justice
  • Developing an intervention to link persons living with HIV/AIDS to services
  • Designing a peer-educator program to reduce HIV risk among methamphetamine injectors
  • Services to improve birth outcomes among at-risk women
  • A strategic plan for global tobacco control for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Program Evaluation

We evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions and provide actionable, evidence-based recommendations for program improvement. Our work helps organizations make the best decisions, dispel misconceptions, inform policy, and shape care. As an external partner, we are able to provide clients an unbiased view of the work, a high level of expertise, and deep experience dealing with complicated issues.

Examples of our program evaluation work include:
  • Extensive evaluations of the Oregon, Washington, and Alaska state tobacco prevention and control programs, including assessments of the Alaska and Washington Tobacco Quit Lines, studies on the tobacco burden among Latinos, African Americans, Alaska Natives, and gay, lesbian and bisexual communities, and assessment of media campaign effectiveness
  • Evaluation of Oregon’s HIV client services programs, housing programs for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and efforts to address health care access issues for the poor in the Portland metropolitan area
  • Cross-program performance measures for the Washington Department of Health Office of Community Wellness and Prevention
  • Assessment of the burden of asthma in Washington State to assist in program planning

Applied Research and Surveillance

We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods, advanced statistics, community-based participatory research, cost-effectiveness studies, and surveillance. We work with communities to generate knowledge and apply our findings.

Examples of our applied research and surveillance include:
  • A randomized controlled trial of a motivational interviewing (MI)-based HIV and domestic violence prevention intervention for women with recent criminal justice involvement
  • A study of the impact of clean indoor air policies on the prevalence of a tobacco-specific carcinogen among non-smoking workers
  • A study on the impact of school policies on risk factors for youth obesity
  • Collaboration on a longitudinal study of alcohol and substance use initiation among white and African American youth
  • Consultation on the use of statewide survey data for adult immunization surveillance
  • Data collection for a supplemental surveillance project describing the service needs and care of Oregonians living with HIV/AIDS

Technical Assistance

We consult with a variety of public health programs in all our service areas, increasing internal capacity and improving outcomes.

Increasing Funding for Public Health

We help clients secure project funding, and we also generate new funding opportunities for program development and evaluation.​