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Senate Bill 563 Completes Public Hearing Process

On February 16, before permanently adopting and amending the administrative rules associated with Senate Bill 563 – the unanimously passed 2011 legislation designed to expand the available pool of emergency responders to previously licensed healthcare professionals – OHA’s Public Health Division held a Rulemaking Hearing at the Portland State Office Building. The hearing was an opportunity for any member of the public to comment on the proposed rules.

The rules themselves address the registration, training, background check process, activation and extended liability coverage, and workers’ compensation protection offered to qualified emergency service volunteers. They outline a more programmatic structure and streamlined process to strengthen the registration of volunteers, now including those previously licensed in the state of Oregon within the last 10 years.

Some specifics of the more significant rules include:

  • Background checks will be completed every five years for registered volunteers.
  • The Public Health Division may direct willing registrants to other states where emergency healthcare services are required.
  • Every three years, registered volunteers must complete the following trainings:

           - First Aid (CPR & AED)

           - Basic Disaster Life Support

           - Triage

           - Psychological First Aid

The Rulemaking Hearing was attended by a robust zero members of the public (pictured), and February 22 marked the last day to submit written comments to the Rules Coordinator, Brittany Sande. Though Senate Bill 563 became an effective law on January 1, 2012, the public hearing process had to be finalized. Previously licensed healthcare providers may now be officially registered by SERV-OR.

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