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This year's MRC spring training event a success

On May 19, more than 50 volunteers gathered at the Washington County Conference Center for this year’s Medical Reserve Corps spring training event. Nine presenters taught a total of 11 different classes throughout the day. Some of the volunteers’ favorite classes included:

Cooking in the dark

For $15, volunteers got all the information plus all the tools needed to make an “Apple Box Oven,” and cook in the event of an emergency in which water and electricity are unavailable.

Disaster sanitation: what to do with pee and poo

Volunteers learned practical techniques to prepare for and handle human waste, because wherever there is a concentration of people, gross and dangerous wastes can collect and affect everybody’s health and well-being.

Community preparedness

Sue Mohnkern, Washington County Public Health Preparedness Program Supervisor, gave a pilot presentation of an emergency preparedness course, specifically designed so that everyday citizens can access it and, in turn, teach to their own communities. Attendees brought their cumulative experience to the test presentation, and provided valuable input which will help polish the final product.

Special recognition goes to Christopher Goodwin for making this year's spring training possible.

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