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HSPR’s new state Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator and Oregon Health Authority/AmeriCorps VISTA Partnership Project Director: Eric Gebbie, Dr.P.H., M.I.A.
Eric Gebbie
By Alyssa Bostian
With the new year comes a new Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Coordinator and Oregon Health Authority (OHA)/AmeriCorps VISTA Partnership Project Director. We are pleased to announce that our own Dr. Eric N. Gebbie has filled the position, previously held by Akiko Saito.
Prior to obtaining his new title, Dr. Gebbie was employed by HSPR as the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR) Coordinator. Under his guidance, the registry grew rapidly and now many licensed healthcare professionals across the state are ready and able to respond in case of an emergency. Eric was integral in managing resources to provide numerous trainings on Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support, Basic Burn Care, Disaster First Aid and more. These trainings were provided to SERV-OR volunteers at no cost, ensuring emergency responders are equipped with the skills needed to assist during any situation.
Eric has also been an integral part of HSPR’s responses to events and exercises, taking an active role during H1N1, the Radiological Event from the tsunami in Japan, 2011 Winter Flooding and the PACE Setter Exercise in 2013. Eric’s knowledge of preparedness and forward-thinking attitude was noticed during his tenure at HSPR.
Eric is quickly integrating into his new role and is off to a running start. His focus on streamlining, continuous quality improvement and vision for the future make him a great addition to both the MRC and VISTA projects. Within Eric's first month directing the VISTA project, he was involved with site visits, supervisor trainings, monthly report analysis and recruiting host sites for the 2014 Spring Team. Eric would like all VISTA members to have a positive experience and is quickly learning details about VISTA members, host sites and projects. Eric has sought out opportunities for professional development within the field of public health for VISTA members and is in the process of implementing a monthly webinar series for the team.
Eric’s leadership skills have been a boon to the MRC project as well. Eric seamlessly stepped into the coordinator position, leading statewide MRC efforts and assisting all 18 MRC units in Oregon with continuing operations.

We are very excited to have Eric on board in this new position and are excited to see his accomplishments benefit Oregon and the HSPR program for years to come.

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