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Cross Agency Health Improvement Project (CAHIP)
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CAHIP is a unique partnership between the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). Staff across both agencies are working together to improve the health of our clients, consumers and employees. CAHIP steering committee membership represents the highest levels of leadership in OHA and DHS.

CAHIP's goal is to help OHA and DHS clients, consumers and employees take care of themselves and take charge of their health. Policies supported or implemented by CAHIP ensure culturally and linguistically appropriate practices and encourage:

  • Worksite wellness;
  • Tobacco-free living; and
  • Improved nutrition and physical activity.

CAHIP staff are also working with county and tribal public health departments and Regional Health Equity Coalitions to encourage relationship building with local state agency offices to support these goals.

Contact CAHIP staff with questions or to get involved.

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Learn how CAHIP is working to improve the health of clients, consumers and employees of OHA and DHS.
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CAHIP uses a "collective impact" model where different groups work together to solve a specific social issue.
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Find materials and resources related to CAHIP's work, including our work plan.
View steering committee members, meeting materials and contact information for staff.
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See how CAHIP's work improves the health of Oregonians.