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Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE) is dedicated to reducing the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Oregon.Health care professionals have an important role in this initiative.

Research shows that adverse health outcomes are rare when providers are conservative in their prescribing of antibiotics.

Research also shows that patient satisfaction increases in direct proportion to the health care provider’s commitment to educating patients about self-care and symptom management for conditions where antibiotics are unnecessary. Evidence shows that patient satisfaction does not increase by fulfilling a patient’s or parent’s expectation of receiving an antibiotics prescription when requested.

The following are resources for health care professionals to support the judicious use of antibiotics.

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Continuing Education (CE)Opportunities

ePROM: Enhancing Proficiency in Otitis Media is a series of six online courses to improve knowledge in understanding middle ear disease and skill in visually diagnosing middle ear effusions.  The courses were developed at the Hospital of Pittsburgh/University of Pittsburgh with support from the CDC.

This webinar promotes appropriate antibiotic management of upper respiratory tract infections and covers the topics of antibiotic resistance, treatment guidelines and patient satisfaction.  The training was developed by the MARR coalition and Wayne State University School of Medicine.

A free 1 hour continuing education course for pharmacists created and sponsored by the CDC and accredited by ACPE.

This course is offered through the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal with CE credits provided by Medscape, LLC.



Treatment Algorithms

Judicious Use of Antibiotics: Treatment Algorithms




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