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2016 Oregon Flu Summit & More 


Tuesday, August 23,2016
Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach
909 North Hayden Island Drive
Portland, Oregon

Hosted by Immunize Oregon, a lifespan immunization coalition, the Oregon Flu Summit & More hosts expert speakers discussing a variety of topics including strategies for improving immunization coverage, current vaccination recommendations, and best practices for improving community protection against vaccine preventable illnesses and co-morbidities

The objectives of the Oregon Flu Summit & More include:

  • Share practice and evidence-based strategies for improving immunization coverage across the continuum of care.
  • Provide up-to-date information and guidance for all stakeholders involved in prevention, control, and treatment of vaccine preventable illnesses.
  • Explore uses of communication and outreach techniques to reach target populations,
  • Identify vaccination-related challenges and solutions.
 We encourage professionals, students, and immunization supporters to attend!

SPECIAL EVENT following the Flu Summit & More:

HPV Provider Training

You are the KEY to Cancer Prevention

Oregon has exceptionally low 3-dose completion HPV vaccination rates leaving another generation of boys and girls vulnerable to developing HPV-related cancers later in life. Even with compelling evidence that HPV causes cancer and that a safe, effective vaccine is available, it can be a challenge to encourage parents to vaccinate their adolescent and to engage staff in the process. Vaccination could prevent most of HPV-related cancers. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan that implements practice changes to increase HPV vaccination coverage.

This training will include up-to-date information on HPV infection/disease, HPV vaccine, and ways to successfully communicate with patients and their parents about HPV vaccination. Find out how to tell parents that they aren’t opening the door to sex—they’re closing the door the cancer. Because HPV vaccine IS cancer prevention and YOU are the key.


For questions contact Alison Dent at 971-673-0472 or