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New Oregon legislation requires that all VFC-participating clinics ensure that two staff take the following trainings and retain the related "Certificates of Completion" for a period of two years. Read more about the law.

How to comply with these new requirements

  1. Review each of the three training modules below
  2. Take the 10 question quiz at the end of each module
  3. Print a "Certificate of Completion" after each quiz
  4. Keep the three certificates as proof of training

Tips for a smooth training experience
for a smooth training experience

  • CHECK YOUR PRINTER: Use a computer with a functioning printer connected and available.
  • SET ASIDE ENOUGH TIME: Each module takes roughly 20-30 minutes to complete. Once the training module is started, DO NOT CLOSE the page or you will lose your progress and return to the beginning.
  • NO SKIPPING AHEAD: The modules require that you interact with each element on the screen before you can move forward. If you get stuck, it probably means that you forgot to click/watch or listen to something on that screen.
  • VIDEO LOADING: The embedded videos take 15-20 seconds to load, so please be patient.
  • FAQ: We have created an FAQ sheet (pdf) listing the most commonly asked questions. Have it on hand in case you run into any issues during training.

Technical Support: If you encounter issues not addressed in our FAQ sheet (pdf), please call 971-673-0300 and ask to be routed to any available Health Educator.

Training Modules

1) Preparing Vaccines

Course time: 25 minutes

Overview: Errors during vaccine preparation are a serious matter. This training module teaches you some common sense ways to improve your practice. Start module

Click to play: Preparing Vaccines

2) Administering Vaccines

Course time: 20 minutes

Overview: Vaccine route varies by manufacturer. This training module covers four of the most common types. Start module

Click to play: Administering Vaccines

3) Storing Vaccines

Course time: 30 minutes

Overview:  Proper vaccine storage is essential to an effective immunization practice. This training module will show you some of the "best practices" related to vaccine storage and documentation. Start module

Click to play: Storing Vaccines