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Oregon Immunization Data and Reports
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A variety of assessment and evaluation activities are conducted by the Oregon Immunization Program to help us focus on our goal to protect Oregonians from vaccine-preventable diseases.


Oregon Immunization Rates
Making Heads and Tails of Immunization Measures

We use immunizations as a building block for preventive care, yet how do we measure our success or identify challenges? Three good methods are available for measuring rates in Oregon, with respective roles and caveats:

  • Oregon countywide population-based rates from ALERT;
  • National population-based survey rates from the National Immunization Survey (NIS); and
  • Oregon clinic-specific rates from ALERT.
Teen with saxaphone
Immunization rates for adolescents age 13 to 17.
bar chart
Snapshots of Oregon Influenza vaccine uptake, updated weekly, are presented on this page.
Serious little girl
Immunization rates for two-year-olds in Oregon.
Two women
Oregon immunization rates for adults, including healthcare workers.
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Oregon's vaccine exemption rate dropped 17 percent as fewer families sought nonmedical exemptions.
Questions about rates? Please contact:
Lee Schrauben

For more information on clinic-specific rates, please contact:
Rex Larsen
AFIX Coordinator

For information about school immunization data, please contact:
Stacy de Assis Matthews
School Law Coordinator