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This training is designed for clinical staff who use ALERT IIS to look up patients, access  immunization forecasts, enter data and create reports. School and day care staff should register for a school/child care training.

Live Webinars

The best way to learn how to use ALERT IIS is to attend a live webinar hosted by an ALERT IIS Trainer.

Things to know about webinars:
  • Double check your email address. You will be emailed the link to the webinar. Typos in your email address will cause the email to bounce.
  • Webinars start on time. If you login more than 15 minutes past the start time, we will ask you to reschedule.
  • If no participants have logged into a webinar 15 minutes past the start time, we will cancel the webinar.

Register for a live webinar


If you need more flexibility in training schedules, you may also watch pre-recorded videos.  Users who submit data through their electronic health record or billing system are not required to watch Adding Historical Immunizations, Adding New Immunizations or Managing Patients. Users who enter directly into ALERT IIS are required to watch all 6 videos to equal one basic training webinar.

Things to know about videos:
  • Videos may take time to load.
  • Playback controls are at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll down to see them.

Accessing ALERT IIS

Managing Patients

Understanding the History/Recommend Page

Adding New Immunizations

Adding Historical Immunizations

Generating Patient Specific Reports