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Provider Enrollment in ALERT IIS

Enroll Electronically


Orientation Packet

Welcome to the New ALERT IIS (pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
Login Tips Sheet (pdf)

Enrollment Forms

Clinic/Medical Site Agreement (pdf)



Benefits for providers

ALERT IIS can help you in your practice by:

  • Providing consolidated immunization records for new and existing patients in your practice
  • Reducing staff time searching for patient shot records
  • Notifying patients who are past due for immunizations
  • Supplying patient lists for special recalls following disease outbreaks, vaccine shortages, etc.
  • Calculating the immunization status of the provider's patient base
  • Helping to prevent missed opportunities or over-immunization
  • Helping parents stay informed of when shots are due
  • Clarifying complex, changing immunization schedules and emerging vaccine combinations
  • Helping to reduce the spread of vaccine preventable diseases by facilitating the provision of timely immunizations
  • Generating verified immunization reports for schools and child care facilities


Authorized Users of ALERT IIS

All health care providers licensed to provide health care services in Oregon are welcome to enroll as authorized users of ALERT IIS. Additionally, managed health care systems, health maintenance organizations, health service contractors, insurance carriers and the Division of Medical Assitance Program (DMAP) may also request access.



There are two primary ways to access patient immunization history and forecast information in ALERT IIS: through the web-based user interface at or through an EHR that has an approved interface with ALERT IIS.  Access to ALERT IIS via the user interface requires users to complete basic training.  The ALERT IIS Help Desk can be reached by email ( or by phone (800-980-9431), Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Provider Training



Practices that use an Electronic health record

ALERT IIS communicates electronically with many different health record systems, both in scheduled batches and in real time. ALERT IIS can also send patient immunization records and recommendations that can be imported directly into some EHR systems.  ALERT IIS will work with interested software vendors to build links between existing clinical records and ALERT IIS.

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