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These trainings are designed for clinical staff who have completed basic ALERT IIS training and are comfortable logging in and using ALERT IIS for looking up information.

Live Webinars
Accountability Reports

A live, webinar-based training on generating and interpreting the ALERT IIS accountability report is now available. In this training we will review how to generate the accountability report and interpret the results. The report measures your clinic’s accountability for state-supplied vaccine, enables you to quickly assess if your clinic is complying with Oregon vaccine stewardship law, and shows at a glance how many doses you’ve reported as given to eligible patients, expired, spoiled, wasted, and transferred. This training is for ALERT IIS super users at clinics participating in the VFC program.

  • Register for an Accountability report training.
  • Check out our handout on generating the ALERT IIS accountability report.
Reminder/Recall Reports

A live, webinar-based training on generating reminder-recall reports is now available.
Register for a Reminder/Recall Training

Accurate reports in ALERT IIS are dependent on clinics actively managing their patient population. Check out our handout on managing your patient population.
Managing Your Patients in ALERT IIS (pdf)

Recorded Videos

There are two pre-recorded videos that can be accessed any time. To watch the videos, click on a title below.

Allow time for the videos to load. On smaller screens, you might need to scroll down to access the playback controls for the videos.

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