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Unit Citation Medal
Unit Citation Medal

The EMS Unit Citation recognizes acts of organizations, units, or specially constituted teams in providing emergency prehospital care or EMS system support activities under extreme circumstances. The award is presented during the EMS Awards Program at the Annual Oregon EMS Conference.

Current and past years recipients of the State EMS Unit Citation Medal, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows:



Highway 47 accident-
Banks Fire Department: Capt. Mark Hornshuh - Paramedic, Ltn. David Senz - EMT, LTN. Scott Coussens - Paramedic, FF Jake Wren - First Responder, FF Devin Waddington - EMT, FF Jeremy Sennett - First Responder, FF Jason Clink - EMT, FF Kyle Douglas - EMT
Ash Grove Cement Accident- 
Ash Grove Vement EMR team: Travis Young, Rich Stout, Steve Unger, Luke Folke, Chris Barrett, Rick Bulow, Josh Frisboes, Pat Flanagan and Chuck Staten
Baker City Fire/Rescue: Don Taggert - Paramedic, Tom Everson - EMT-Intermediate and Travis Fields - Paramedic
LifeFlight Network: Chris Eledge - RN, CFRN, Eric Kincaid - Paramedic, CCParamedic and Evan Wagenaar - Pilot

Astoria Public Works Accident -
Astoria Fire Department: Lt. Bob Johnson - Paramedic, Levi Hammond - Advanced EMT, Beau Santjer - Advanced EMT, Tom Jaworski - EMT and Mark Truax - EMT
Astoria Public Works: Brett Stevens, Brook Brenden and Chuck Higgins
Medix Ambulance: Robin Scholtz - Paramedic, Jeremy MacDonald - EMT


  • Colton Call - August 7, 2012
Colton Rural Fire Protection District #70
Fire Chief Richard Beadoin - Paramedic
Assistant Chief Gary Anderson - EMT
Lieutenant Kent Carroll - EMT Intermediate
Lieutenant Rob McCorkle
FF Eric Cline - EMT
FF Eric Bjarnson
FF Sarah Cline - EMT
FF JasonLand - EMR
Brad Kuhn - EMT Intermediate
FF Tom Judd
Molalla Fire Protection District #73
Lieutenant Clint Shaver - Paramedic
FF Jamie Wakefield - Paramedic
Oregon Department ofForestry - Molalla Unit
Forest Officer Jesse Batson
Forest FF Chris Wakefield
Estacada Rural Fire Protection District #69
Chief Bob Morrisey - EMT Intermediate
FF Trace Richard - EMT
Clackamas County Communications 9-1-1
DSP Fred Yungbluth
DSP Tracy Jacobson
DSP Andrew Mickelson
DSP Lori Gillingham
DSP Megan Pointer
DSP Emily Horn
DSP Jaime Cooper
DSP Brandy Ritter
DSP Susan McDaniel DSP Hollie Burbach
American Medical Response - Reach and Treat Team
Robert Aberle - Paramedic
Barry Morally - Paramedic
Oregon Army Air National Guard
Lt. Col. Mark Ulvin - Pilot Commander
CW2 John Adams - Pilot
SSGT Mark Carter - Crew Chief
SFC Patrick Casha - Flight Medic
Life Flight Network
Chris Boehm - Pilot
Edward Little - RN
Candyce Schneider - Paramedic
Clackamas County DOT Emergency Response Coordinator - CCSO Posse
Mike Hattan
Robin Hattan
  • Thompson Falls Call - July 23, 2012
Seaside Fire & Rescue
Chief Joey Daniels
Div. Chief Chris Dugan
Cpt. Donny Beck
Cpt. Tony Biamont
Cpt. Mike Smith
Lt. Jeramy Houston
Lt. Justin Parker
Evan Edwards
Doug Barker
Todd French
Tracy Gassner
Colin Houston
Bill Mitchell
Jacob Rose
Lisa Talamantez
Will Steinweg
Clatsop County High Angle Rescue Team
Charles Dice
Matthew Gardner
Scott Huls
Kevin Miller
Steve Moon
Matt Phillips
Bruce Scott
Alan Smiles
Derrick Snow

  • HWY 97 Entrapment - November 9, 2012
Crescent Rual Fire District
Yvonne Huston - EMT Intermediate
John Brown - EMT Intermediate
Charles Humbert - EMT
Scott Ignazzitto
Taylor Jerigan - Paramedic
Julia Kirchner
Kyler Kirchner
Terri Anderson - EMT
Lyman Flenner - Chaplain
Tyler Bain - EMR
Steve Finneran
Louise Giordano - EMR

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