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Oregon Health Authority, Emergency Medical Service & Trauma Systems Program (OHA-EMS) may grant a license to an emergency medical services provider (EMSP) through reciprocity who is currently licensed in another state and also holds a current National Registry certification. Applicants for reciprocity must also meet the requirements for licensure in Oregon outlined in ORS 682 and OAR 333-265. 

Oregon licensure is granted at the level of the applicant’s National Registry certification. Individuals who are NOT state licensed, yet are currently certified through National Registry, do not qualify for reciprocity. However, these individuals may apply for initial Oregon licensure. The link to the online application process for reciprocity and initial licensure is located at the bottom of this page.
Reciprocity Application Requirements
The required documentation for all reciprocity applicants is listed below. The documentation will be uploaded as part of the online application process.
·         Current state EMS license or certification
·         Previous state EMS license(s) or certification(s), if applicable
·         Current certification from National Registry (NREMT)
·         Current CPR certification at the AHA Healthcare or BLS Provider level (or equivalent); courses must include didactic, skill performance and evaluation
·         Current government ID (driver’s license, military ID or passport)
A verification form is required for each state EMS license held by the EMSP. The applicant must fill in the top portion of the form and send it to the issuing EMS licensing authority where the form will be completed and sent directly to the OHA-EMS. A copy of the verification form is here.
In addition, paramedics who apply for reciprocity are required to submit proof of an associate’s degree or higher, or proof of active employment as a paramedic for three of the past five years.       
A background check is required for all applicants and fingerprints are required for those who have lived outside the State of Oregon for more than 60 days in the past five years.  Instructions regarding the fingerprinting process are included in the online application process. 
Active Duty military or individuals who were discharged in the last 180 days and who are requesting reciprocity in the State of Oregon may waive the fingerprint-based background check by submitting active orders or a DD214.  
Oregon eLicense Application Link
Click on the link below to establish an account and to apply for Oregon EMS licensure:
Reciprocity Fees
·         EMR - $50.00
·         EMT - $140.00
·         AEMT - $165.00
·         Paramedic - $300.00
Fingerprinting services are provided by Field print, which will require a separate charge. The instructions and fee information for this service are included in the online application.
​​​​​​​​​​​Provisional Paramedic License
Paramedics who are currently licensed/certified in another state and who hold a current National Registry certification but do not meet the degree or work experience requirement for Oregon paramedic may be eligible for an Oregon provisional paramedic license.  Oregon's provisional paramedic license allows the paramedic to work while completing the requirements for an associate’s degree.
To be eligible for an Oregon provisional paramedic license, the following criteria must be met:
1.    Be currently licensed/certified in another state and be in good standing with the EMS licensing board.
2.    Hold a current National Registry Paramedic Certificate.
3.    Be employed or have a valid employment offer from Oregon EMS agency.
4.    Approval for a provisional status from the EMS Medical Director of the Oregon agency for which the applicant is or will be employed.
5.    Applicant is enrolled in an accredited institution for higher learning, is able to remain continuously enrolled until completion of the degree and is able to complete the degree within 24 months.
Application for an Oregon Provisional Paramedic License
Contact Sanda Smith for the provisional paramedic application checklist at the email below. Completion of the checklist is required in addition to the online reciprocity application.
Provisional Paramedic License Fees

$300.00 Paramedic application
$50.00 Provisional Paramedic fee