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Oregon Mobile Training Unit (MTU)

The MTU is designed to ensure that first responders and volunteer ambulance personnel in rural and underserved areas are adequately trained, licensed and able to provide quality 911 services. We provide continuing education that is mandatory for these licensed responders.

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Upcoming training

  • Please review the "Notes" section to see if registration is required.
  • Courses that do not require registration are hosted by the Fire Department listed, but the presentation will be taught by the MTU. 
  • Contact the MTU if you have any questions.





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Primary responsibilities of the MTU

  • Provide continuing education to certificate holders for recertification requirements
  • Impart national and state standards of care to rural EMS providers
  • Instruct on new EMS skills or techniques
  • Provide training in disaster response, incident command and patient triage
  • Assist in the development of regional and local disaster drills
  • Teach courses on instructional development
  • Provide EMS program assistance to rural community colleges
  • Assist with instruction of initial EMS provider education 
  • Provide annual recertification and instructional development to Oregon State Police EMS instructor group
  • Support the state EMS office through curriculum development, training and support of certifying officers for EMS provider licensure exams
Other Resources

The Clackamas County EMS Consortium Trainers Group has invested significant time and effort to develop over 40 online modules on all Transition topics.

Each module provides a short video (about 20 minutes), a quiz, key and related instructional materials. Each of the modules meets the 30 minute requirement for each of the transitional topics as outlined in Appendix 1, 2 and 3. You may need additional training hours to meet related re-licensure requirements (as defined by the Oregon Health Authority).  

View Oregon Transition Modules. (see instructions below)

These modules are shared and owned by Clackamas County EMS and not intended to be re-sold. 

Please note: The quizzes themselves do not count as documentation for CE and in the event that you are audited by the Oregon Health Authority EMS and Trauma Systems Program, they will not suffice. You need to have a certificate printed and signed by a certifying officer, training officer, etc.


The Oregon Health Authority and Clackamas EMS Consortium are not responsible for issuing CE hours for these quizzes.

Step #1 - Open the Template that fits your licensure level (EMT, AEMT/Intermediate, or Paramedic)

Step #2 – Review the “Modules” listed for each of the sub-sections

Step #3 – Open the Quiz bank, locate the module that you want to complete and print a copy

Step #4 – Locate the particular module and open the PowerPoint presentation (audio capabilities required).

Step #5 – Answer the quiz questions and then correct using the included answer key.

Step #6 – Record your name and the date you completed each module in your training record.

Step #7 – Have a certificate for each module printed and signed by a certifying officer, training officer, etc.