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Oregon POLST Registry: POLST points

By Jennifer Cook
OPR Project Liaison
We want to know!
We want to learn from your experiences on scene! Below are a few questions that will help us compile and record EMS best practices when caring for a patient who has a POLST.
1. Where do you look for the POLST form or other medical paperwork in a person’s home?
  • Medicine cabinet?
  • On the fridge?
  • A desk?
  • File cabinet?
2. Does it depend on whether the patient is at a private residence or in a care facility?
3. If you don’t see a POLST form on a POLST-eligible patient, what are your next steps?
  • To ask bystanders about POLST documents?
  • To look for the form?
  • To call the Oregon POLST Registry?
  • To call elsewhere (such as the patient’s PCP or other caregiver?)
4. Has the availability of the Registry changed your typical process for finding POLST information on scene?
5. Do you have any tips on how you discuss on-scene care options with a patient or the family of a patient with a POLST form?
6. Do you have a Registry story where the POLST orders you obtained via the Registry made a difference in the patient’s care and treatment on scene?  Do you know a patient or the family of a patient who wants to share their Oregon POLST Registry story?
Answers to any of the questions above can be emailed to Jennifer Cook.
The Oregon POLST Registry also maintains a website form where Registry stories and experiences can be shared at any time.  We encourage you to share our website address ( with patients, families and caregivers who have questions about POLST or the Registry.
Do you have questions about POLST and/or the Registry you’d like answered in a future EMS newsletter?  Please email us any time.
Don’t forget to contact us if you’d like POLST Registry agency training.  We are happy to schedule trainings with agencies of all size, whether paid or volunteer.  For more information, email or submit a request for training.
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