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Meet our new Education Coordinator
Sandra Smith

Getting to know the new faces of EMS

Meet our new Education Coordinator
Sandra Smith
What is your hometown? 
This one’s hard!  I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but we also lived in Arroyo Grande, California, Los Angeles, California, Daytona Beach, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, and Los Gatos, California while growing up.
What is your new job title?
I am the new Education Coordinator.
What do you do in that position? 
I work with the colleges to ensure their instructors, coursework, and evaluators will prepare graduates to be licensed and maintain their licenses.  I’ll also coordinate renewals.
What are you looking forward to about your new position? 
I look forward to working with a new team and learning about the EMS section.
What did you do before coming to EMS? 
I worked at a non-profit, the U.S. District Court, the Department of the Interior, Alaska Airlines, the Oregon Judicial Department, the San Jose Municipal Court, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.
What is your education? 
I have my BA in sociology and a criminology certificate.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
I enjoy gardening, reading with my kitty, Jewel, on my lap, and going for long walks.
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