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Common mistakes that can delay your license renewal

The Oregon Health Authority Emergency Medical Services Program (OHA-EMS) is about to begin the process of renewing licenses for approximately 10,000 licensed emergency medical services providers. As you can imagine, this places a great deal of additional work and stress on a limited and busy OHA-EMS staff.  There are a couple of things you can do to help the OHA-EMS staff during this very busy time.

Before calling OHA-EMS for answers to common questions, be sure you have read your renewal instructions, gone online to research your question at the OHA-EMS website at 1.USA.GOV/OREGONEMS, or  contacted your agency training officer.  Most of your questions can be answered through one of those options.  

Be sure you have updated your address. Every year thousands of pieces of undeliverable mail are returned to the Oregon Health Authority Emergency Medical Services (OHA-EMS) due to incorrect addresses on file for licensees.  OHA-EMS will begin sending out license renewal letters March 18-22. Because renewal letters are not forwarded to corrected addresses through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), it is critical that OHA-EMS have your most current address and contact information on file. To change your address, please go to the OHA-EMS website and fill out a Reportable Actions Form for Individual and submit it through e-mail, fax or USPS. If you have not received a renewal packet in the mail by April 1, 2013, please contact OHA-EMS.

When completing the online renewal application, carefully read all instructions. Many common mistakes can be avoided by following the instructions and re-checking your work as you go.

Another common mistake is made while answering the personal history questions on the online renewal application. Many applicants accidentally answer “yes” to a question that should have been a “no” answer. Answering “yes” to any of these questions and not providing a detailed explanation will place your application in an incomplete status. Submitting accurate and complete applications is the licensee’s responsibility. OHA-EMS will not contact you for an incomplete or inaccurate application and advises applicants to monitor the status of their renewal.  If an incomplete application goes past the May 1 deadline or the June 30 expiration deadline, the applicant will be responsible for late fees and the audit process. 

OHA-EMS thanks you in advance for sharing this article with other EMS providers and helping us navigate the busy license renewal season.

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