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Got a minute to spare to give good patient care?
Oregon POLST Registry

In the ever-evolving world of on-scene emergency medicine, providers are faced with an increasing proportion of chronically ill patients that requires a new level of compassionate care to appropriately respond to their needs. POLST is one way to affect desired care on scene. And the registry is helping make sure you get the orders you need on scene when you most need them.


Did you know the average call to the Oregon POLST Registry takes just over one minute of your time on scene?  One minute to find out what medical treatment orders may be in place to help direct the care you give on scene. So ask yourself—Can I take that minute of time so my patient can have the care he or she wants at the end of life?


The Registry has seen increased use by EMS over the past three years of operation. Call volume is increasing over time (above). POLST has received more than 500 calls from on-scene EMS providers since December 2009. Registry hotline staff have provided 189 patient POLST orders to on-scene providers, ensuring the care that patient wanted was administered.

Would your agency like training on the Oregon POLST Registry?  We provide on-scene training to EMS agencies statewide on POLST and Registry use. Contact Jenny Cook at for more information.

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