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Licensing update: New national education standards
Licensing update

By Leslie Huntington

The winds of national change blew into Oregon this year, which brought new EMS titles, added the AEMT level and transformed old curricula into educational standards. The Oregon re-licensure requirements were also modified in order to transition current EMS providers to the new education standards. For First Responders and Emergency Medical Responders, the transition starts now. The transition for EMTs, AEMTs, EMT-Intermediates and Paramedics will occur during the 2013–2015 re-licensure cycle.

The transition subjects are found in Appendix 2 for First Responders and EMRs and Appendix 3 for all other licensed EMS providers. The documents may be viewed or downloaded from the Oregon EMS website.

Completion of these additional requirements will mark the end of Oregon’s transition. At the conclusion of the transition periods, the continuing medical education (CME) requirements will return to the subjects outlined in Appendix 1.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q:  Do I have to take a specific transition course?

A:  Not necessarily. The transition topics may be taught in the same manner as other re-licensure subjects or together as part of a dedicated course.

Q:  Will the Oregon transition plan meet the transition requirement for the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT)?

A:  Yes, according to the National Registry. Newsletter updates regarding the NREMT’s proposed plan may be found on the NREMT website.

Q:  How do I document the completion of this transition?

A:  The rules regarding the documentation of CME remain the same for all subjects. For ease of tracking, the individual or agency training officer may want to indicate the class as a transition topic. The Oregon EMS webpage includes transition tracking sheets as another option for documentation. The documents are posted under the “Transition Materials” link.

Q:  I’ve never heard of some of these subjects. How did you come up with them?

A:  The topics and terms originated from the national education standards and instructional guidelines, and were recommended by the the National Association of EMS Officials (NAMESO) for states to consider.

Q:  How do I get more information on these subjects?

A:  The Oregon Re-licensure Transition Guide is located on the Oregon EMS website under “Transition Materials.”  The guide will link the mandated subjects to the particular topic or teaching outline in the educational standards and instructional guidelines.

Q:  The Re-licensure Transition Guide lists other subjects in addition to the mandated topics. Why are these included?

A:  The guide identifies supplemental topics that may be of benefit to Oregon EMS providers. The topics may include increased detail on a subject, change in terminology or addition of information that may enhance the EMS provider’s field practice.

Q:  I am an instructor. Are there specific teaching outlines I have to use for these transition subjects?

A:  Instructors are not required to follow a specific lesson plan. However, the Relicensure Transition Guide includes a link to a teaching outline for each subject. The training officer has the option to use these verbatim or as a guide for developing more individualized instruction.

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