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The committees and boards are appointed stakeholders who advise the Oregon Health Authority EMS and Trauma Program on reccomendations to the agencies, policies and procedures. These committees and boards are governed by Oregon Administrative Rule and Oregon Revised Statute. The laws define the membership, roles, responsibilities and work of the boards and committees listed.

Portland State Office Building
800 NE Oregon St, Portland OR, 97232


All meetings are held at PSOB unless otherwise noted. 


Select a link below to find schedules, minutes and member lists of these committees. 


State Trauma Advisory Board (STAB)

  • Advises the Division in meeting the objectives established in administrative rule ORS 431.611.
  • Advises on the adoption of rules, policies, and procedures regarding the trauma system.
  • Analyzes data related to prevention of injuries, monitoring of the trauma system and recommends improvements where indicated.


Area Trauma Advisory Boards (ATAB)

  • Act as liaison between the providers and general public in their area and the STAB and the Division for exchanging information about trauma system issues and developing an area-wide consensus.
  • ​​​​Advise the STAB and the Division on the adoption of rules, policies and procedures regarding area trauma system plans;.​Recommend to the Division an area trauma system plan which meets the standards and objectives of these rules.
  • Participate in the promotion and function of the implemented area trauma system plan by making recommendations to the Division and the area trauma care providers.


Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Committee

  • Establish statewide adoption of standards, policies and pediatric guidelines.
  • Analyze data related to injury prevention and illness.
  • Monitor the EMSC Program and recommend improvements.
  • Advise health care facilities and other providers.
  • Promote activities that ensure optimal delivery of care.
  • Advise on pediatric education.
  • Advise the EMS and Trauma Systems Section on best methods to enact legislation and accomplish grant objectives.


Emergency Medical Services Committee

  • Advises the authority concerning the adoption, amendment and repeal of rules authorized by ORS chapter 682.
  • Assists communities in identifying emergency medical service system needs and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Assists the EMS and Trauma Systems Program in providing state and regional emergency medical services coordination and planning.
  • Assists in prioritizing, implementing and evaluating emergency medical service system quality improvement initiatives identified by communities.


POLST Registry Advisory Committee (PRAC)

  • Advise the Oregon Health Authority regarding the implementation, operation and evaluation of the POLST registry.
  • Review research proposals to access Registry data and advise OHA on whether access should be approved or denied.