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Training on Lifesaving Treatment Protocols

The following training protocols were developed in response to legislation that passed and was codified in ORS 433.800 through 433.830. The purpose of these statutes are to provide a means to allow certain individuals when a licensed health care professional is not immediately available to administer lifesaving treatment. Trainers may utilize the training material below and copy as needed. Please reference the administrative rule links which identifies who is eligible to provide training.

Adrenal Cris​is​

Treatment of Students with Adrenal Crisis Training Protocol

Treatment of Students with Adrenal Crisis PowerPoint

Treatment of Students with Adrenal Crisis Training Quiz

Treatment of Students with Adrenal Crisis Training Answer Key


Allergic React​ion

Epinephrine Training Protocol

Epinephrine Training PowerPoint (pdf)

ORS 433.800 - 433.830

OAR 333-055-0000 - 333-055-0035

Opiate Overd​ose

The following training protocol related to opiate overdose was developed In response to ORS 689.681. Opiate overdose requiring lifesaving treatment occurs in a wide variety of settings and circumstances, creating a need for training a variety of overdose responders. In recognition of this need, Oregon law authorizes a wide range of organizations to provide training on lifesaving treatments for opiate overdose, including public health authorities and organizations and other appropriate entities that provide services to individuals who take opiates.​

PDF DocumentOpiate Overdose Treatment: Naloxone Training Protocol

Naloxone Training Statement of Completion

YouTubeiconsmallWatch: Injectable Naloxone training video (Multnomah County Health Dept.)

YouTubeiconsmallWatch: Nasal Naloxone training video (Multnomah County Health Dept.)

YouTubeiconsmallWatch: Using Adapt Nasal Narcan to Reverse Opiate Overdose (Multnomah County Health Dept.)

YouTubeiconsmallWatch: Using the Evzio Auto Injector to Reverse Opiate Overdose​ (Multnomah County Health Dept.)

ORS 689.681

OAR 333-055-0100 - 333-055-0115​​