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Patient Management Recommendations

The Oregon State Trauma Advisory Board (STAB) has approved the following guidelines for the care of specialty trauma patient populations.

These guidelines represent suggested treatment methods based on a review of the literature and the expert opinion of the members of STAB. These guidelines are used at the discretion of the managing physician.

The recommendations are as follows: (note: all files are PDF)


Date Approved/Revised

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Indicators of Care  Approved Apr. 2002

Neuro: Head & Spine

Neurotrauma Management Guidelines Approved Apr 2002
Imaging Criteria for Acutely Head Injuried Patients  Approved Jan 2003
Vertebral X-Rays (C1-S1) in Blunt Trauma Patients Revised Nov 1998
Evidence-Based Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury  Revised Sep 1998
Spinal Immobilization Patient_Management_Recommendation Revised Apr 2010


Suspected Traumatic Rupture Of Thoracic Aorta (TRTA) or Arch Vessel  Approved Apr 2004

Care of Specialty Patient Populations

Geriatric Trauma Patient Resuscitation  Revised Aug 1998
Morbidly Obese Trauma Patient Resuscitation  Revised Nov 1998
Child Abuse Recognition & Management Approved Oct 2000

Protocols and General Recommendations

Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) - Shock Trauma Under Revision
DVT Prophylaxis and Therapeutic Intervention Revised Apr 2000

InterFacility Transfer

Interhospital Transfer to Higher Level Care Approved Jul 2000