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Oregon Health Improvement Plan

The Oregon Health Improvement Plan outlines innovative strategies and metrics that support the Triple Aim. The plan was developed by a 26 member committee appointed by the Oregon Health Policy Board with input from hundreds of Oregonians.

The plan focuses on three areas: achieving health equity and population health, preventing chronic diseases by reducing risk factor prevalence, and stimulating innovative linkages between public health, health systems and communities. The plan was presented to the Oregon Health Policy Board in November 2010.

Statewide Health Improvement Plan

  • Full Statewide Health Improvement Plan (pdf)
  • Body text only (pdf)pages 1- 24
    • Letter from the Committee Chairs
    • Executive Summary
    • Background, Community Engagement, and Areas of Focus
    • Goals, Strategies and Actions
    • Goal I: Achieve health equity and population health by improving social, economic and environmental factors
    • Goal II: Prevent chronic diseases by reducing obesity prevalence, tobacco use and alcohol abuse
    • Goal III: Stimulate linkages, innovation and integration among public health, health systems and communities
    • Recommended Actions Referred to Other OHA Committees
    • Next Steps
  • Appendices (pdf)pages 25-77
    • Acronyms
    • Committee Membership
    • Guiding Principles
    • Population Health Definition
    • Population Health Measures
    • Tables of Baseline Data
    • Data Sources for Baseline Data
    • Metrics Definitions
    • Outcomes and Effectiveness Table
    • Cost Analysis Table
    • Goal Area Timelines
    • Oregon Health Improvement Plan Committee Charter – January 2010
    • Select Committee Resources