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Division 545
Purpose, applicability and definitions for Certificate of Need
OAR 333-545 
Division 550
Projects or proposals subject to Certificate of Need Review
OAR 333-550 
Division 555
Certificate of Need Letters of Intent
OAR 333-555
Division 560
Abbreviated Certificate of Need Review, Delay of Review, Waiver of Review for Facilities and Expedited Review
OAR 333-560
Division 565
Certificate of Need Fees and Civil Penalties
OAR 333-565
Division 570
Certificate of Need Review Requirements and Procedures
OAR 333-570
Division 575
Monitoring of Implementation and Completion of Projects with Certificate of Need
OAR 333-575
Division 580
Certificate of Need Application Instructions and Forms
OAR 333-580
Division 585
General Criteria for Demonstration of Need in Certificate of Need Applications
OAR 333-585
Division 590
 Demonstration of Need for Acute Inpatient Beds and Facilities
OAR 333-590
Division 600
Demonstration of Need for 24-Hour Health Facility Inpatient Chemical Dependency Services
OAR 333-600
Division 610
Demonstration of Need for Long-Term Care Services
OAR 333-610
Division 615
Demonstration of Need for Psychiatric Inpatient Beds
OAR 333-615
Division 645
Demonstration of Need for Rehabilitation Services
OAR 333-645
Division 670
Reconsideration of Certificate of Need Decision
OAR 333-670