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Hospitals and Healthcare

Oregon Revised Statute

Chapter 431: State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Health Laws

Chapter 438: Clinical and Environmental Laboratories

Chapter 440: Health Districts; Port Hospitals

Chapter 441: Health Care Facilities

Chapter 442: Health Planning

Chapter 443: Residential Care; Adult Foster Homes; Hospice Programs

Chapter 444: Special Medical Services for Children

Chapter 445: Indigent Persons Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Oregon Administrative Rule

Division 2: Standards for Registry Enrollment, Qualification and Certification of Health Care Interpreters

Division 8: Medical Marijuana

Division 9: Reporting Requirements of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act


Division 27: Home Health Agencies
- Services and Administration
- Organization and Quality of Patient Care

Division 35: Hospice Program Licensure


Division 71: Special Inpatient Care Facilities


Division 76: Special Health Care Facilities
- Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
- Birthing Centers


Division 080: Organ Procurement Organizations - Tissue Banks -Eye Banks

Division 275: Licensing Procedures and Definitions (Hemodialysis Technicians)

Division 500: Definitions, Application and Renewal Procedures, Fees, Facility Closure

Division 501: Hospital Monitoring, Surveys, Investigations, Discipline, and Civil Penalties

Division 505: Hospital Organization and Management

Division 510: Patient Care and Nursing Services in Hospitals

Division 515: Hospital Environmental and Maintenance Services

Division 520: Hospitals, Generally
- Hospital Services

Division 525: Specialty Hospitals

Division 535: New Construction and Alterations of Existing Hospitals
- Building Requirements for General Hospitals

Division 536: In-Home Care Agencies

Division 540: Caregiver Registries

Division 675: Project Plans and Construction Review

Division 700: Licensing Procedures and Definitions (Outpatient Renal Dialysis Facilities)

Division 545: Purpose, Applicability and Definitions for Certificate of Need

Division 550: Projects or Proposals Subject to Certificate of Need Review

Division 555: Certificate of Need Letters of Intent

Division 560: Abbreviated Certificate of Need Review, Delay of Review, Waiver of Review for Facilities, and Expedited Review

Division 565: Certificate of Need Fees and Civil Penalties

Division 570: Certificate of Need Review Requirements and Procedures

Division 575: Monitoring of Implementation and Completion of Projects with Certificates of Need

Division 580: Certificate of Need Application Instructions and Forms

Division 585: General Criteria for Demonstration of Need in Certificate of Need Applications

Division 590: Demonstration of Need for Acute Inpatient Beds and Facilities

Division 600: Demonstration of Need for 24-Hour Health Facility Inpatient Chemical Dependency Services

Division 610: Demonstration of Need for Long-Term Care Services

Division 615: Demonstration of Need for Psychiatric Inpatient Beds

Division 645: Demonstration of Need for Rehabilitation Services

Division 670: Reconsideration of Certificate of Need Decision