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Step It Up! Campaign

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Autumn is the perfect time for a walk outdoors. In Public Health, we have long promoted physical activity as a way to improve health and reduce stress. 

Surgeon General's Call to Action

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities, released in September, asks us to “Step It Up” to help increase access to safe and convenient places to walk and wheelchair roll. 

Walking is the most common form of activity in Oregon. More than 60 percent of Oregon adults walk for physical activity. Unfortunately, many of us face real barriers to even a modest amount of walking including having no safe place to walk outside our homes.

We need to expand opportunities for Oregonians to overcome barriers to walking — and ultimately to good health. This is why the Public Health Division has a partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation. Individuals, community groups and organizations across our state are collaborating to make neighborhoods more walkable, make active modes of transportation more available and to help employers create healthier workplaces.

When we make it easier for Oregonians to get the physical activity they need to prevent or manage disease, we improve the lives of our family members and friends, reduce health care costs and create a healthier, stronger state for us all.

Enjoy these beautiful fall days and encourage everyone you know to take a walk.


Step it Up! Call to Action

Infographic: Everyone can help make communities more walkable

Step it Up! Partner Guide