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National Safety Month
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Celebrate National Safety Month 

During National Safety Month, the Public Health Division continues on our mission to promote health and prevent the leading causes of death, disease and injury in Oregon.

  • Check out A Day in your Life with Public Health to learn more about how public health helps Oregonians stay safe every day.
  • Learn more about nutrition, physical activity, and safe living in Oregon.
  • The Public Health Division helps you stay informed and educated on topics from food safety and wildfires to recreational advisories and emergency preparedness.
  • We all work to stay safe so we can do the things we love to do: whether that is playing with our children, running a marathon, or strolling along the beach. Healthy and safe behaviors, both in and out of the work place, help us live life to the fullest. Please celebrate National Safety Month with us by making healthy and safe choices to improve health and reduce risk in Oregon.