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Harmful Algae Blooms - The Changing Landscape
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Staff of the Harmful Algae Bloom Surveillance (HABS) program has been working to gain a better understanding about the occurrence of toxic algae blooms in Oregon, and over the years has advised the public when a bloom has been detected, so people can take protective action to avoid illness. 

Funding for the HABS program ended as of September 30, 2013, and many program functions are no longer available. However, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will continue to collect and review information on harmful algae blooms and to inform the public through the issuing and lifting of advisories when water sampling data warrants. 

In order to issue and lift advisories, OHA must rely on water sampling data provided by our partners. OHA staff will also continue to answer any health related questions, and will continue to receive illness reports for you or your pets if you believe you have been exposed to a bloom.

Our Partners

After September 30, we will continue to encourage our partners to submit blue-green algae data on monitored lakes. Without this data, program staff are unable to advise the public on monitored waterbodies, and to make recommendations regarding recreational activities. We will also provide the public with information for our partners (local health departments and waterbody managers) who can give them the most up-to-date information about local recreation areas, water quality and sampling.

Check current water conditions

Check shellfish safety closures

  • The Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife jointly monitor for marine biotoxins.and alert recreational harvesters when clams or mussels have been contaminated. Click here for current shellfish safety closures.  

Check algae resources for drinking water


     Join Our Listserv

The HABS program has created a listserv to share information with partners, stakeholders and interested public. When a health advisory is issued, an email is sent to subscribers that includes the news release and water sample results (algae species and cell counts). Emails are also sent when an advisory is lifted. Other timely information may be periodically shared as well. To join the list, email us at